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Every marketing communications vehicle should have a clear purpose and speak directly and concisely to the intended audience. Every newsletter, press release, project case study, brochure, and web site must deliver value for the intended readers and the company. With many messages competing for your audience's attention, marketing content must be written with flair and be worth the time investment to read it.

My mission is to deliver maximum benefits for clients on their marcomm investments, no matter how modest. My strength is the written expression of complex issues and ideas in a straightforward, lively manner.

I wrote case studies for this service that helps clients build their own wiki-based collaboration web sites. These marketing pieces describe the benefits that customers in different industries have realized using Editme:

Helium - A company using the web to develop a new publishing model.
Risk Metrics - A financial services firm that uses a wiki for a help desk portal.

AEBL - The Association of A/E Business Leaders
I conduct and write Q/A articles for this association to help promote their events.

Christopher Parsons on the importance of Knowledge Management in the A/E industry.

Jacobs Engineering
Jacobs Engineering is a leading engineering consulting firm doing business worldwide. I wrote numerous articles for their marketing publications including Quarterly, a full-color magazine, and Technically Speaking, a brochure series. These publications helped establish the firm as a thought leader in the field. They are effective marketing tools by providing useful information with little chest-beating about the firm.

Issue Four 2007 - Ghost wrote "Liquid Gold," page 4.

Issue One 2008 - Ghost wrote "Avoiding Gridlock," page 4.

Rhode Island-based Resource Controls is a regional environmental and civil engineering firm. I've written several newsletter articles and press releases for this company.

Newsletter article on historic bridge reconstruction.

SullivanKreiss, a recruiting firm based in Northborough, MA, specialized in the architecture, engineering, environmental consulting, and construction industries. I wrote a monthly e-newsletter for this firm on recruiting and human resources topics, and it was a resounding success.

"We typically get 200-300 unsolicited subscribers each month," said John Kreiss, the firm's president. "The publication started in January 2004, and unsolicited sign-ups more than tripled our original readership. As a result of newsletter articles, we've been either quoted or interviewed in more than a dozen publications. The newsletter has more than tripled the average volume of visitors to our web site and is directly responsible for a number of client requests for proposals."

September 2004 edition

March 2005 edition

May 2005 edition

BDMP is a regional CPA and management consulting firm based in Portland, ME. I have ghost-written several articles for the firm's quarterly newsletter on regulatory and technology topics. This sample is from BDMP's fourth quarter 2004 issue.

BDMP Q4 2004

ZweigWhite is a managment consulting firm for the architecture, engineering, construction, and environmental consulting industries. I was a managing editor for the firm's newsletters. Here are a few samples of my work for ZweigWhite:

Avoiding CRM pitfalls

Forecast 2003. Regional Outlook: What contractors say

Small Firm Focus: Coming to grips with the specialist vs. generalist debate facilitates the licensing of patented technology, manufacturing processes, consumer products, and other inventions. I freelanced for a marcomm company that provides with "Tech of the Week" advertorials that tout patents for its clients. These clients include major international corporations including Procter & Gamble and Kao Corp.

Kao's New Process Creates Fresh Tasting, Frozen Microwaveable Bread

Procter & Gamble Offers Product for Making Skin Look Younger

In-Stat offered market research in many high tech industries. In my two plus years working full time for In-Stat, I wrote and edited several types of marcomm documents for print and online media as well as edited some of the company's market research reports. I continue to write press releases for the firm.

Compelling content drove traffic to In-Stat's site and helped generate online report sales. In-Stat realized early that quality in-house-generated content placed on the sites of strategic partners boosts a company's visibility and can impact the bottom line. This strategy can work for many firms. Strategic alliances are an important tool in marketing over the Web, and I can help your firm achieve its online marketing goals using this technique.

Press Releases:

IP PBXs Are Eclipsing Traditional PBXs

Telco TV Poised For Robust Growth In Next Few Years

Home Networking Revenue Will Top $20 Billion In 2009

Ghost-Written Columns:

Despite Growing Pains, Wireless Internet Will be a Winner

Intel Moves to Push Pentium 4 Into the Mainstream

Market Research Articles:

Will Your Kids Soon Go Wireless?

Despite Standards Muddle, WLAN Chipsets Take Off


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